20 Double Fine Years: Standard Edition
20 Double Fine Years: Standard Edition
20 Double Fine Years: Standard Edition
20 Double Fine Years: Standard Edition
20 Double Fine Years: Standard Edition

20 Double Fine Years: Standard Edition

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"I summoned my court scribes and said, "Pen me a tome, worthy of the ages, so that I shall remember every amazing detail of this crazy ride we've been on, and so that nobody, not even I, forgets this amazing story." And so they did." - Tim Schafer, Double Fine

“This is a book so good that it’ll make you want to pluck your eyes out. So make sure you’re wearing your goggles…” - Razputin Aquato, Psychonaut agent.

“We make books. Books need reading, so you should read it. To do that you’ll need to buy it, so you should buy it.” - Indie By Design, Creators of 20 Double Fine Years.

Book features:

  • Over 280 pages
  • 210 x 297mm landscape format
  • Thread sewn binding for increased durability
  • Fold-out gatefold pages with selected fan art
  • Hundreds of images from concept art to full renders, including never before seen images selected from Double Fine's digital and physical art archive
  • Created in collaboration with Double Fine Productions, based on extensive research and interviews with Double Fine staffers, present and past, and many of the studio's long term collaborators.

Join us on a journey through the mind and creations of Double Fine Productions, The World’s Most Excellent Video Game Development TeamTM!

Led by Tim Schafer, Double Fine is about creativity, stories and fun, its games having brought joy to zillions (millions, probably, but still pretty good) over the 20 years since it made the right move and decided to exist. 

20 Double Fine Years explores the people, ideas, inspirations and goals that have resulted in everything from Psychonauts to Costume Quest, Grim Fandango, Brütal Legend to Broken Age and stacks more. 

This is a large and beautiful book (you’re welcome), but this is not only a celebration of some of gaming’s most charming and attractive art and visual design. 20 Double Fine Years is an insight into how creative people can come together to give gloriously messy birth to experiences that are touching, hilarious and unlike anything you’ve enjoyed before.

Get yours now before they’re all gone and you’re relegated to trying to find one on eBay!